Monday, September 29, 2014

Cedar Valley Lunch: Everything A Jaguar Needs to Know!

Students at Cedar Valley have a new way to stay informed of the latest happenings at school. Each day during lunch, a scrolling slideshow of announcements plays on the screen in the cafeteria. The slide show is a shared Google document that any teacher or staff member in the school can edit to add information that needs to be shared with the students. Take a look!

Mrs. Collins' Classes Learn 'Smore History!

Today Mrs. Collins classes used a web-based creation tool called 'Smore to share information that they have gathered about the causes of the American Civil War. 'Smore allows users to create beautiful online flyers that include pictures, text, web links, audio and video files. Students were given the freedom to select and design the 'Smore as they liked, as long as they included the required information.

Gregory's Google Classroom

Mrs. Gregory has begun using the new Google Classroom an interactive site that a teacher can create to share assignments, documents, videos, and due dates with students. Google Classroom creates a folder for each assignment that can be shared with students to help keep everyone organized. With Google Classroom, students can keep track of when things are due on the Assignment page and teachers can see who has or has not completed work and provide feedback and grades on the spot!

Today, Mrs. Gregory's students were taking a quiz and creating graphic representations of weather around the United States.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hilker's Class: Working Together!

Students in Mrs. Hilker's 8th grade English class worked in cooperative groups to create a presentation to explain the use of the third person omniscient style of writing in Lois Lowry's book, The Giver. Each group was free to choose from a variety of multimedia presentation styles.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tech-Tac-Toe Winners!

The Cedar Valley Teachers were challenged to a game of Tech-Tac-Toe. They had to create video tutorials, find engaging apps, update or create a teacher webpage, become familiar with TechApps TEKS, and add a slide to our school Google Presentation. Of course, the Cedar Valley teachers were up to the challenge! The winners were rewarded with the SONIC drink of their choice.

Texas History PBL

Students in 7th Grade Texas History were challenged to create multi-media presentations to show what they have learned about the Regions of Texas. These students used a Flip Video camera to create a video to share their findings.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Getting I.T. Right! Art Students on the Prowl

Mrs. Stoner's students ventured out of the classroom in search of lines, shapes and colors. Using their BYOD, the students took pictures and shared them with their class.

Getting I.T. Right! Madame Macharia's Students Use Glogster

Students in Madame Macharia's 1B French classes are using  Glogster to create online autobiographical posters.  Glogster, an online tool that allows users to create virtual posters that combine text, audio, video, images, and hyperlinks and to share them with others electronically.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getting I.T. Right! Winn's Math Kids Have a Blast with KAHOOT!

Today, Ms. Winn's math classes enjoyed reviewing for their first math test of the year using KaHoot! KaHoot! is an online game-based classroom response system. Her 8th grade math students were engaged, challenged, and had a great time!

Getting I.T. Right! Texas History Classes Kick Off the Year With PBL

The 7th grade social studies classes are in the midst of their first Project Based Learning experience of the school year. The students are working in groups to learn about the the regions of Texas. Students are using books, databases and web searches to research their region. They will present their findings through various multi-media presentation devices. The students are working hard and I know their finished products will be amazing!!