Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stop Motion Animation

Ms. Settemeyer's students have been very busy creating some really impressive stop motion animation projects! Check them out:

Life of Flower Stop motion project. Mrs.Settemeyers class Period 5

Next Gen Open House

The students in Mrs. Gregory's Next Gen classroom hosted a Holiday Open House. Parents were invited to come to their classroom to learn more about the Chromebook that their child has been using in class every day and to see how the device has shifted the classroom to a more student-centered environment.

RSA Animate

Students in Ms. Settemeyer's multimedia classes were challenged to create an RSA animate video as their final project for the fall semester. Students worked in groups on the project. They researched a topic of their choosing, researched their topic and synthesized the information gathered. The results were impressive!

Monday, December 8, 2014

7th Grade Student Book Trailers

Seventh grade Language Arts students have created book trailers to advertise some of their favorite books! They used Google Slides to create their trailers which were shared with their teacher who merged them all into one presentation. This group Google Slide show is now posted on the CeVMS library webpage in the scrolling section called 'Cedar Valley Reads.' Check it out at