Friday, March 13, 2015

Awesome Infographics

Students in Mrs. Collins' World Cultures classes have created amazing graphic representations of the the Civil War using slides as a culminating activity to their study of this era in US History.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Science Loves Movenote, Too!

The students in Ms. Eber's 6th grade science classes are using Movenote to create tutorial videos for one another. Students create a video that reinforces in class learning and Ms. Ebers posts the video on her website for all of her students to use as a reference resource. Check them out HERE!

Movenote in LOTE

The students in Sra. Blanton and Sra. Ortiz's Spanish classes have found a new way to share their mastery of the Spanish language using Movenote. Each student created a powerpoint presentation with labeled pictures of their house (or their dream house). The presentation was then uploaded to Movenote and the student was able to record him/herself narrating the presentation. Los estudiantes trabajaron muy bien y las presentaciones son muy buenos.

DLD + PDQ = FUN!!!

Digital Learning Day began in 2012 as a venue for teachers and educational leaders to highlight great teaching practices and showcase innovative programs that are improving student success. Here at Cedar Valley, we have been celebrating Digital Learning Week!! All week students have been engaging in powerful and fun learning activities that incorporate the use of technology. Students have been using various forms of technology from tools in art class, sound boards in theater arts, calculators in math class, science lab equipment, BYOD's, desktop computers, laptops and chromebooks! It is amazing to see what the students are able to produce and create.